How mana whenua has influenced discussions at Ihumātao

Aug 1, 2019 | News

In this video Te Kawerau ā Maki Iwi advocate Pita Turei discusses the whenua at Ihumātao.

“You know, Pania Newton is not wrong. This land was stolen. But we’re not unique in this, throughout Aotearoa land was stolen. And in this age, we’re in the age of settlement – Treaty Settlement.

And the thing about Treaty Settlements and the thing we’ve come to accept is we’re not getting it all back. We’re getting part of it back and we’re getting a start to build our infrastructure as iwi beyond the constraints that we’ve endured for 150 years when this land was stolen.

You know my mate Tim Shadbolt came up here and he said, “Ohhh.. Pete, this is like Bastion Point on the Manukau.”

It’s different, the iwi have already settled, the iwi have already moved on to their next objectives which are to house the people and to care for the people.

A part of the problem with this occupation too is the notion that they want someone to buy the land back and to create it simply as a park that wouldn’t house any people. The park is already here and it would take away what iwi have negotiated with the developers and that is the return of eight hectares of land to iwi here which is a first, private land to be returned to iwi at no cost.

And so, the victory has already been won through negotiations by the iwi after they lost their challenge in court against this land being used as housing.”

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